On April 10, 1994, a group of women gathered together to formally establish an organization for women of all cultures. Their dream was a sorority that would bring multicultural women closer together in an atmosphere appropriate for personal and social growth. Our goal was for intentional women to be united, and in one accord promote heritage. This organization began with nine (9) women as of Spring 1994.

On April 19, 1994, a meeting was held with Antoinette Jones, Director of Student Activities, to discuss the requirements to become a student organization. In attendance were Amanda Acevedo, Maria Padilla, and Maribel Ramos. Because of all of the documents had been submitted, we became a provisional student organization.

On May 8, 1994, Noemi Diaz called to announce that the University of South Florida was officially a colony of Sigma Lambda Gamma.

On July 22, 1994, Sigma Lambda Gamma celebrated the first convention in Woodfield, illinois. During the convention, our colony received five (5) scholarship Awards, a Certification of Participation, and an Outstanding Undergraduate Colony Leader Recognition.

The first meeting with an interest group was held on September 2, 1994 at Cooper Hall. During the remaining of the fall semester, these women spent countless hours of service, long meetings, and hard work to achieve a common goal: to one day be sisters of Sigma Lambda Gamma.

By November of 1994, there were only five (5) founders left. These women were Amanda Acevedo, Melissa De la Rosa, Kelley Anne Folker, Maria Padilla, and Ginnette Resto. The colony of USF celebrated the first retreat from February 3 – 5 in Tampa, Florida.

On April 1, 1995, Kelley Folker was initiated by the sisters of Eta Chapter at Northern Illinois State University and Isabel Jaime, Sister of the Zeta Chapter of Illinois State.

On May 11, 1995, the women of the Founding Line, Amanda Acevedo, Melissa De la Rosa, and Ginnette Resto were initiated by Kelley Folker. On May 20, 1995, the women of the First Line were initiated by Melissa De la Rosa, Kelley Folker, and Ginnette Resto. These women were: Zeleste Agosto, Kim Bacon, Angela Conde, Marisabel Irizarry, Janelys Martin, Rosemary Loperena, Natasha Matos, Nazach Rodriguez, Maria Rojas, and Glenda Ubinas.

On June 6, 1995 Maria del Carmen Padilla was initiated. This ceremony was performed by Amanda Acevedo in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Finally, through thick and thin, we were all united in the common bond of sisterhood of Sigma Lambda Gamma.

The Marvelous Mu chapter is also one of the founding members of the Multicultural Greek Council GC (formerly known as Unified Greek Council).


The Marvelous Sisterhood